Morisset NSW 2264

Arial View Of Morisset NSW 2264

The Morisset NSW 2264 Articles

by Kitty Jellinek
The Morisset Articles are a culmination of posts created by and for the Morisset NSW 2264 Community. We invite the residents and visitors of Morisset to post their articles here. We also encourage the Morisset local community to create their own groups on the main site. Groups can be set to private or public and is a great utility for local businesses to better service their customers.
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I like living in Morisset

by marietherese
Morisset is a place that used to be synonymous with the criminally insane. That was years ago and now it’s people’s landscape has changed. More and more, it caters for a kaleidoscope of all age group. Conveniently placed in what is called Lake Macquarie District. It is accessible from M1 and in a short drive, you find yourself in Dora Street, the main street of Morisset after the third set of roundabouts. On the left is a community hall. The activities on offer in this community hall are many and varied as per their site. There is a swimming pool, […]
Kangaroo and Joey Morisset

Kangaroos in Morisset

by Kitty Jellinek
It is great to see Kangaroo’s in their natural environs like this.

Buildings left to the Vandals in Morisset

by Kitty Jellinek
The substantial brick buildings have been abandoned – left to the vandals – at the Psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. Did the tax payer pay for these buildings in the first place? What a waste, surely these buildings could have been converted to a useful purpose. The former Ward 21 of Morisset Hospital. This ward was closed and abandoned in 1991 and as a consequence has been left to ruins. Opened in 1933, Ward 21 was in a location quite remote to the main part of the hospital and surrounded by high security and very tall prison like walls. […]